Sony Ericsson W980[3g phones]

Sony Ericsson W980[3g phones]
Sony Ericsson W980
Enjoy the best-in-class music reproduction quality as demonstrated in tests conducted by TESTfactory's renowned lab experts. Richer bass, improved stereo quality - it's a clear audio experience. The Walkman phone makes sure your music stays true to the sound of the original recording.
Instant access to music, games and all the other stuff you need to spice up your phone. The PlayNow arena is more than a store; it's a unique multimedia experience.
For more information see the Sony Ericsson W980 site, or this review in Stuff magazine.
Network Availability
To buy this phone, or to get more information, see the Vodafone store, or the 3 store, or the Orange store, or the O2 store, or the T-Mobile store.
Sony Ericsson W980[3g phones]