3g gprs

3g gprs
Always remain connected

Let’s go one step further… in fact many steps further, and always remain connected – always on. That’s continuous mobile connectivity. Remain connected for as long as you like, wherever you like.

Unlike location-based wireless networking, there’s no need to find a Hotspot to be in touch with a local base station or a WLAN. Instead, you’re free to roam! In the world of GPRS and 3G you can remain in touch constantly, whether you need to for work or simply want to enjoy the latest information from one of many data services.

With a subscription to a GPRS or 3G mobile network, and some straightforward technology you can remain connected for as long as you like, wherever you like. And you won’t need to be a technical wizard either.

What is GPRS?

How can you enjoy the freedom to roam and remain ‘always-on’ with GPRS? Will you need to buy lots more equipment? And how much does it cost? Here’s your chance to join the upwardly mobile.

What is 3G?

If you’re not sure of the difference between GPRS and 3G, don’t worry. You’ll find all you need to know here. If you have the need for speed, this is the place to be.

What is Bluetooth?

So, you have a number of mobile devices capable of connecting to the Internet and other networks. But have you ever wondered how you can get them to easily communicate with each other? You need to understand Bluetooth.

3g gprs